Koeman en Bijkerk bv is an ecological consultancy in the north of the Netherlands. Our team consists of highly experienced biologists, covering a wide range of disciplines concerned with terrestrial and aquatic ecology.

Field surveys and monitoring

As part of ecological assessments and monitoring schemes we are conducting field surveys and take and process samples from different groups of organisms used as indicators for the quality of their aquatic habitat, namely Macroinvertebrates, Diatoms and Phytoplankton.

Assessments like these are being applied nationally (Water Boards, Nature Protection Organisations) as well as internationally (e.g. within the scope of the European Water Framework Directive) as a tool to monitor and improve the quality of water, for Environmental Impact Assessments, or to enforce measures to achieve the quality as stated in European legislations (WFD).

What we can offer  

Our experienced biologists are readily capable of processing and identifying samples of Macroinvertebrates, Diatoms and Phytoplankton from freshwater as well as estuarine and marine environments. Depending on your request identification of the organisms concerned could be done to species level or to a higher taxonomic level.